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Welcome to Maple Ridge Creek Village Condominium Association!

This is the official website of a great condominium community. Located on the eastern edge of Oakland County, 

it combines the convenience of being in one of America’s top-rated small cities (Rochester) with plenty of scenic country ambience.

Among the advantages of living here:

A financially sound condo association. The association’s reserve fund is solidly maintained and both long and short-term planning is

 a standard other condo communities try to emulate.

FHA financing eligibility! Buying a unit here can be quicker and easier than in other associations for those seeking FHA funding. 

Maple Ridge Creek was among the first to meet tightened federal standards for condo loans.

Eligibility for membership in Rochester’s Older Person’s Commission, a landmark facility for the area’s over-age-50 populace.

Nearby cultural, educational and entertainment venues: Oakland University, Rochester University, Avon Players, the Meadow Brook 

Festival, the Meadow Brook Theater and Stony Creek Metropark.  Attractive, well-kept units that feature a ranch or Cape Cod (two-floor) layouts. 

Our 124 two-condo units are located on 52 acres of beautifully landscaped areas including a walking/bike path and a scenic wooded area ---Ford Woods.

Informal; association activities that include monthly dinner and weekly breakfast gatherings, a summer picnic, a December holiday 

dinner and more. It’s a friendly place to reside!

Shopping: Because of our nearness to Macomb County, Partridge Creek and Lakeside are as easily accessible as Troy’s Somerset. 

And the unique Village Mall in Rochester Hills and the restaurants, jewelry stores and boutiques of downtown Rochester are 





Dear co-owners:

Regrettably, we had a break-in/burglary at a unit on Maple Creek Court sometime Friday afternoon, May 20. An entry door was breached and some valuables were reported missing. Because this is a case under investigation, other details aren’t being released.

MRCV Board President John Smyntek spoke with Rochester Police Chief Steven J. Schettenhelm on Monday to request an uptick in daytime patrols, which he said would occur. As many in the community know, this is the second break-in in eight months. The chief pointed out that only four such break-ins were recorded in the entire city of Rochester in 2021 which doesn’t constitute “a crime wave.” Things in common? First-floor incursions, during the day when the occupant is away and targeting cash and jewelry that can be pawned.

We urge co-owners to consider taking the following actions if/whenever possible:

  • Lock your entry doors at all times. That includes your garage-entry door and doorwalls at the rear of the unit. Do not treat the garage door remote as an impregnable security device. Remotes can be cloned by tech-savvy criminals to open your door without permission.
  • Turn on your alarm system if you have one. Turn it on even if you are home. If you have motion sensors, you can program the alarm unit to bypass the motion sensors when you are home to avoid false alarms. It will alert you to intruders if you are not on the first floor.
  • Consider adding a video doorbell and/or surveillance camera that follow MRC Policy 038 as amended on Dec. 17, 2021. Download from the policy section at A modification request is required. Police say burglars tend to avoid targets that have these.
  • See something? Say something. See someone on the street you don’t recognize? Or a car parked that doesn’t seem to have business in the neighborhood? Write down the license number and call the Rochester Police. Do the same if you see people walking where they shouldn’t be (especially behind units.) The police will respond. Units along Washington Road and those that back up to Ford Woods are especially vulnerable to rear entry access.  A reminder that Adam Oaks trims the grass on Mondays and Tuesday; all AO workers wear identifying T-shirts. The same for our other vendors: lawn fertilizer, sprinkler maintenance and tree maintenance being the most common. Telecommunication providers are also regular visitors and can be asked for appropriate IDs.
  • Door-to-door solicitors could well be acting to target units for break-ins. There is some circumstantial linkage in that both recent break-ins were preceded by complaints about solicitors in the community. If the solicitors seem suspicious (i.e., no City of Rochester solicitation permit, no uniforms, no business cards or professional sales materials), report them to police immediately. Chief Schettenhelm said they’d rather investigate in advance than try to track down a crime afterwards. And generally speaking, it is always better for you to investigate a service provider in advance rather than having one appear out of the blue trying. in some  cases, to sell you a product or service you don’t need.
  • Be aware of noise, especially in the daytime. Breaking into a unit is usually not a silent crime and if you hear something that sounds like force of some sort, consider notifying the authorities who promise they’ll respond.
  • Consider storing valuables in places other than the first floor. Because these burglars by-and-large want to make a quick grab and run, they don’t want to enter basements or second floors because that takes too much time and they could be trapped if the occupant returns.
  • While both incursions were during the day, co-owners could bolster after-dark security by placing garage coach lights on timers and perhaps add a motion sensor on the back deck light. (Again, see Policy 038 as amended on Dec. 17, 2021 for what is allowed.)Burglars don't like light and noise. 
  • There have been suggestions than our entry doors need a stronger design to repel this kind of burglar attack. According to the bylaws, entry door repairs and replacement are a co-owner responsibility. Your board will discuss this issue at our next meeting.

Updates will be provided as developments warrant.


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