Maple Ridge Creek Village In Rochester 47200 Van Dyke
Shelby Township, MI 48045
Phone: 586-739-6001
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Welcome to Maple Ridge Creek Village Condominium Association!

This is the official website of a great condominium community. Located on the eastern edge of Oakland County, 

it combines the convenience of being in one of America’s top-rated small cities (Rochester) with plenty of scenic country ambience.

Among the advantages of living here:

A financially sound condo association. The association’s reserve fund is solidly maintained and both long and short-term planning is

 a standard other condo communities try to emulate.

FHA financing eligibility! Buying a unit here can be quicker and easier than in other associations for those seeking FHA funding. 

Maple Ridge Creek was among the first to meet tightened federal standards for condo loans.

Eligibility for membership in Rochester’s Older Person’s Commission, a landmark facility for the area’s over-age-50 populace.

Nearby cultural, educational and entertainment venues: Oakland University, Rochester University, Avon Players, the Meadow Brook 

Festival, the Meadow Brook Theater and Stony Creek Metropark.  Attractive, well-kept units that feature a ranch or Cape Cod (two-floor) layouts. 

Our 124 two-condo units are located on 52 acres of beautifully landscaped areas including a walking/bike path and a scenic wooded area ---Ford Woods.

Informal; association activities that include monthly dinner and weekly breakfast gatherings, a summer picnic, a December holiday 

dinner and more. It’s a friendly place to reside!

Shopping: Because of our nearness to Macomb County, Partridge Creek and Lakeside are as easily accessible as Troy’s Somerset. 

And the unique Village Mall in Rochester Hills and the restaurants, jewelry stores and boutiques of downtown Rochester are 



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