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Maple Ridge Creek Village

July 2022

Information for Prospective Owners

We are pleased that you are interested in purchasing a condo in Maple Ridge Creek Village. You will find that Maple Ridge Creek Village (MRCV) is well managed and a very friendly place to call home. Our Association is organized around a set of by-laws and policies designed to make sure that this community remains as a “location of choice.”

Following is a condensed version of several by-law and policy provisions which, as a prospective buyer, you might find helpful. The full version of the Bylaws, Responsibility Chart, and Policies can be viewed by choosing the corresponding tab on the menu.

Management Company - Day-to- day operations are administered by Association Management Inc (AMI). Our Property Manager at AMI is Paula Granowicz. Paula can be reached via e-mail at  The phone number for AMI is 800-821-8800

Pets - No more than one dog or two cats may be kept without prior written consent from the Board of Directors. Pets are not allowed to run loose and must be attended at all times. Each co-owner is responsible for the immediate collection and disposition of fecal matter deposited by their pet. No dangerous pets may be kept.

Vehicles - Commercial vehicles, trucks, trailers, boats, recreational vehicles or recreational equipment must be parked fully in a garage unit with the door closed.

Plantings - Bushes, shrubs or flowers around decks or along the rear of units were not part of the developer-established plantings (DEB), and their maintenance is the responsibility of the co-owner. A new owner may choose to have these plantings removed at Association expense.

Decks and Enclosed Porches - Maintenance of enclosed porch areas and decks are the responsibility of the individual co-owner, but any maintenance must follow current policy.

Grills - Gas grills are the only type of grill allowed and may only be kept on decks, stairway landings or on Board-approved paver areas year around.

Insurance - Each homeowner is required to carry insurance to cover interior walls and fixtures. The management company advises co-owners as to the minimum amount of coverage for a unit. Co-owners are required to provide AMI with a copy of the policy declaration page each year when insurance is renewed.


All exterior modifications of any type must be approved by the Board prior to making the modification.

We hope you find this information helpful. Our residents enjoy living here, and we are sure you would, too.

Maple Ridge Creek Village Board of Directors